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Go scavenger hunting for little libraries in Chattanooga

We’re creating a fun game to help you search for your next book with the help of little libraries around the community.

NOOGA | East Ridge Little Library

We’re on the hunt for our next page turner.

If you’ve ever stumbled upon one of those little libraries around Chattanooga on a walk but didn’t have time to snag a book or had one you wanted to exchange — this scavenger hunt is for you.

With the help of our readers, we have located some of the community bookshelves around the area + are dropping some clues on how to find them. You might want to dog ear this for later.

Missionary Ridge
Intersect this point where two cardinal directions meet like the crest of a wave meeting the ocean.

North Chattanooga
Travel to the corner where a hick’s son might meet his pal dor-Chester.

Find the hart to give to this empty little library some of your beloved treasures.

Highland Park
You’ll know when you get the slam dunc on this spot behind the joy of flowers.

Woodland Height
Join Peter Pan on his journey of being a little ladd with your next read.

Clifton Hills
Pick up your 33rd book once you reach the park at the end of the line.

NOOGA | Hart Gallery Little Library

Help replenish the little libraries when you go on your search.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

Red Bank
Head to the neighborhood on this avenue where you might see a mini Rock City in the front yard — what else could you ashmore.

East Ridge
The ealy bird gets the bookworm on this one, and that statement would truly hold up in court.

East Brainerd
Once you find this new library among the birds, you’ll be saying “aw, duh, it’s this bon.”

Don’t worry, to avoid falling down the rabbit hole Alice-style, we’ve also created this map to help you check your answers. Pro tip: Help us expand our map by submitting other ones you see.

Bonus: You can also find additional set ups through the Little Free Library program for your next read.

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