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Try This: Halotherapy at the Chattanooga Salt Cavern

Step into the recently opened Chattanooga Salt Cavern, a wellness center that specializes in Halotherapy.

NOOGAtoday | Chattanooga Salt Cavern

The Chattanooga Salt Cavern opened its doors in St. Elmo in March.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

The Chattanooga Salt Cavern recently opened its doors at 3800 St. Elmo Ave., offering a different kind of wellness therapy.

Enter: Halotherapy, a practice that utilizes micro-ionized pure-grade sodium chloride, inside a state-of-the-art salt cave.

A generator pumps salt into the air of the cave, which is additionally lined with salt boulders + the floor is covered in several thousands of pounds of salt, creating a relaxing and beneficial experience.

Bonus: Read about the benefits you may see with Halotherapy.

Here’s how your session works:

Upon arrival, you’ll pack your belongings into one of the provided lockers and grab your choice of blanket, pillow, or yoga mat. You’ll kick off your shoes and opt for socks or the provided scrubs.

You’ll enter the salt cave and choose to sit in one of the reclining zero-gravity lounge chairs, or you can lay on top of the salt floor on a mat.

Private sessions are 45 minutes long, and during this time you can relax or meditate while you breathe in the salt — some folks even take this time to take a nap.

NOOGAtoday | Chattanooga Salt Cavern

You can lean back and relax in one of the zero-gravity lounge chairs.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

Editors Haley and Kristen recently tried out a session and loved that you could choose to relax in whatever way works best for you. Your session is uninterrupted + you can choose whether you’d like the lights turned on or dimmed.

If you’d like to try a session with others, you can opt for one of the community offerings which allows up to 10 guests at a time. Bonus: The kiddos can also join in on the fun during the Kids Play sessions.

The Chattanooga Salt Cavern also hosts a variety of events ranging from sound bath meditation and yoga. Make sure to follow the Chattanooga Salt Cavern on Instagram for upcoming happenings.

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