Broads cocktail lounge coming to downtown Chattanooga

Check out this sneak peak of a new cocktail lounge coming to the downtown area.

NOOGAtoday | Broads owners

Find out how the owners of Broads are creating the bar they want to hang out in.

Photo provided by Broads

Chattanooga certainly likes to keep things new and fresh with its evergrowing downtown area + a new neighbor will arrive soon in the form of a cocktail lounge — enter: Broads.

Brought to you by the minds behind vegan restaurant Cashew, owners Kristiana Mallo and Bailey Cole recently announced the construction of the cocktail lounge that will be located at 124 E. 10th St. (next to the Dwell Hotel).

NOOGAtoday | Broads construction

The cocktail lounge will feature seating for small and larger parties, crafted to have a thoughtful experience.

Photo provided by Broads

While the pair doesn’t have direct experience with the beverage industry, Kristiana said they wanted to open a bar they feel doesn’t exist yet in the area. She said the vision is being steered by wanting to be female-forward.

Let’s play the name game. Bailey said Broads came to them when reading the feminist dictionary “Womanwords” by Jane Mills, which describes the term “broad” as “a woman who is liberal, tolerant, unconfined, and not limited or narrow in scope.” She added it’s a way to move from the negative connotation of the term.

“We want to make it a place where everyone is welcome while making it a celebration of women, it will definitely feel like an ode to women.” — Kristiana Mallo

NOOGAtoday | Broads color scheme

Here’s a little sneak peak at the type of vibe you can expect.

Photo provided by @wrkshparchitecture

For the visionaries, the project is being overseen by local architect Wayne Williams of Workshop: Architecture + graphic designer Tiffany Hargis of Hargis Studio. Kristiana said the design will be aesthetically eclectic using soft colors and velvet with custom furniture, all styled around different vintage eras.

Other things folks can expect include a full cocktail, mocktail, and low-alcoholic menu made with the intention of having a thoughtful experience + supporting local spirits when possible.

“We want to be really diligent to make it a place where you go to hang out with a friend, where it’s comfortable to feel accepted no matter what you order on a drink menu.” — Bailey Cole

The lounge is projected to open by the end of December, into the new year. Follow the bar’s Instagram page for updates.

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