Five underrated parks in Chattanooga, TN

You know and love Coolidge + Camp Jordan, but what about the parks you don’t hear about as often?

The sun coming up over mountains in the distance at a park.

Editor Brianna maintains that White Oak Park is such an underrated place to watch the sunrise.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Did you know that there are 90+ parks in Chattanooga? While you’ve probably been to some of the heavy hitters like Coolidge, Camp Jordan, and Montague, with 90+ parks around town, there are probably a few that haven’t hit your radar yet.

That’s why we’re highlighting five of our favorite, less well-known parks in the Chattanooga area.

(Pro tip: check the park’s hours before heading out.)

White Oak Park

This one is Editor Brianna’s favorite. Located in Red Bank, White Oak Park is the perfect spot for reading or studying. Plus, it’s got a playground for kids, plenty of green space for a pick-up soccer game, and even a dog park.

Bonus: A ribbon cutting ceremony for the White Oak Connector (a ~1-mile public trail connecting the park to the Stringer’s Ridge Preservation Easement) will take place on Sat., Oct. 15.

Heritage Park

Just off East Brainerd Road is Heritage Park, featuring a stream running through the property, a playground, picnic areas, and the Don Eaves Heritage House and Civic Center that often hosts community events. Walk across a small bridge in the corner of the park for a scoop at Bruster’s Ice Cream.

Three mini rock climbing boards line a sidewalk with trees.

Main Terrain Park features various exercise stops like this rock climbing station.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

Main Terrain Park

Need to get in a quick workout while on your lunch break? Check out Main Terrain Park, a small green space at 46 W. 13th St. that features interactive artistic elements that double as exercise equipment. Even cooler? The park also serves as a stormwater retention space and has two small native plant + pollinator habitat areas.

Highland Park BlueCross Healthy Place

This park (which was completed last May) features a challenge course, playground, fitness station, walking track, field, and basketball + tennis courts.

The gates to a playground with various trees of orange, red, yellow, and green surrounding it.

This gem atop Signal Mountain is popular this time of year.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

Pumpkin Patch Playground

The perfect local park for this time of year, the pumpkin patch playground is located atop Signal Mountain (and is the most fun to play on, at least in our way-too-old-to-know opinions.)

Want to visit some other local parks? Check out this full list of community parks in Chattanooga.