History + happenings for National Train Day in Chattanooga, TN

Through the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, you can see the area from rail cars. | Photo provided by Chattanooga Tourism

If you haven’t been keeping track, trains are weaved throughout Chattanooga’s history and still influence the city’s current path.

May 8 is National Train Day, so let’s get rolling on the city’s locomotive history + current must-do train excursions

DYK: Amtrak created National Train Day in 2008 in an effort to promote train travel and share the history about it.  

Currently: Amtrak announced plans for potential new routes that include services to Chattanooga + Nashville. The proposed route would connect Chattanooga with both Nashville and Atlanta. 

🚂 All aboard 

  • The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum isn’t so much a museum as it is a series of restored trains that cover more than 100 miles of track in the area. 
  • You can ride a vintage short line for $22/person on the Missionary Ridge Local ride, which is one of the museum’s most popular excursions and lasts about an hour. 
  • Children + families can participate in an annual Day out with ThomasThomas the Train, that is. It costs $24, and is happening May 15-16
  • There are also dinner trains ($70/person) and summer camps in June + July ($400)

🚂 Choo-choo me home

Much like the city itself, the Chattanooga Choo Choo has revamped its look + offerings over the years. We suggest:

🚂 Incline

  • The Incline Railway takes you 1 mile up the side of Lookout Mountain in a rail car. 
  • You board at the bottom in St. Elmo + tickets cost $7-15. 

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