Local podcasts in Chattanooga, TN

Photo by Harry Cunningham via Pexels.

Like podcasts? Us too (in fact, Editor Brianna even created a podcast series of her own — all about NOOGAtoday, of course — back in college). We’ve rounded up some locally-created + hosted ones for your listening pleasure.

Amiga Circle | Each season of this podcast — recorded in English or Spanglish — gives insights into relevant issues that Latinas are facing in society + shares go-to resources other Latinas rely on for success.

Brew Chatt | Sit back with a beer and listen along with Tanner and Jared as they try different beers + discuss brews, local happenings, and culture.

Chattanooga Civics | This podcast by local Nathan Bird dives into Chattanooga’s government + civic topics.

Chattanooga Drive In Show | Hosted by local radio veteran Jeff Styles, this daily commuter podcast features discussions on sports and news headlines + “Chattanooga-centric” info.

Indiethinker | This locally-based podcast features conversations on the subjects of culture, causes, politics, and faith.

Jollyville Radio | This suggestion by reader Irteza B. is technically a local podcast. Once you begin listening, however, you’re transported to the fictional town of Jollyville with a full cast of town members.

Legal Road Map | Local lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd hosts this podcast helping business owners navigate the legal side of business.

People of Chattanooga | Hear stories from some of the people who make up Chattanooga, like the “Conservation Kid” Cash Daniels, Chatt Taste owner Briana Garza, and Mayor Tim Kelly.

Project SSA | Listen to this reader suggestion (thank you, Paige E.) about a great adventure amongst two friends that features fun mentions + insider info on Chattanooga.

QuadPod  | Reader Mike K. suggested this student-run podcast from Baylor School. The podcast will often feature stories about Chattanooga + delves into the students’ lives at Baylor.

Radio Face | This new local podcast will soon feature yours truly — Editors Kristen + Brianna both had the opportunity to chat about different areas in Chattanooga on two upcoming episodes.

Scout on Chattanooga | This podcast is all about scouting in the Tennessee Valley.

Stories from the Big 9 | Another student-produced podcast, this series is an audio history storytelling about Chattanooga’s former Big 9 neighborhood.

The Big Self Podcast | This suggestion by reader Megan B. is hosted by two local doctors + discusses everything from burnout and productivity to a deep dive of the Enneagram.

ValorCast | A product of the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, ValorCast features the stories of seven Medal of Honor recipients.

Bonus: Chattanooga was recently selected as one of six cities to develop its own StoryCorps One Small Step program. Through December, you can reach out to take part in the podcast wherein you’ll meet someone with different views from you for a  50-minute conversation.