Local ways to prepare for the end of daylight saving time

Here are some ways to avoid the time change blues and make the transition as painless as possible.

NOOGAtoday | Daylight saving time

Don’t let the early sunsets get you down.

It’s that time again. On Sunday, Nov. 6, people throughout the continent will set their clock back an hour and “fall back” to standard time.

Wondering how to navigate shorter, darker days as painlessly as possible? Make the transition easier by maximizing these helpful resources:

Get moving early with Southern Soul Yoga’s class offerings, which include Sunrise Soul Power Yoga from 6-7 a.m. Getting a head start on the day, wellness, and new friends? Win-win-win.

Disrupted sleep and routines can make us drowsier and more peckish, so make eating healthy easier on yourself. Hit up Vibrant Meals’ Southside or Northshore locations for pre-made meals that only need reheating.

Resist the urge to lounge + binge watch TV and engage in something creative instead. Peruse works of art at the Hunter Museum, take in a theatrical production at a local theater, learn a new skill or hobby at a class at The Chattery, or take a cooking class from the Sweet and Savory Classroom.

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