Moon River Recap

Photo outside of the Moon River Music Festival, showing the the sign reading "Moon River" and people walking through the gates.

Moon River may have been cut short this year, but it was still a blast.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

While Moon River Music Festival was unfortunately cut short on Sunday due to flooding, we’re reminiscing on our favorite parts (one of which includes getting refunds — thanks Moon River).

  • Favorite food | Fistful of Tacos + Fro-Daddy Donuts (a local brand that you can check out at the Chattanooga Market)
  • Favorite set | An unexpected standout (only because we hadn’t heard of them before the show) was Lucius
  • Favorite moment | Editor Kristen got to meet Briston Maroney in person, which definitely took the cake
  • Pro tips for next year | Check the weather ahead of time, and wear rain boots for mud if the forecast calls for rain
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