Swimming holes and pools in Chattanooga

Beat the heat by taking a refreshing dip in one of these local spots around + nearby town.

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When the sun is blazing away, nothing is more refreshing than a dip in the water.

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Grab your favorite swimming gear — we’re showing you around to some local swimming holes + pools to cool down in.

Swimming holes

Big Soddy Creek Gulf | 11721 Back Valley Rd. | Take a trip along a five-mile out-and-back hiking trail, with multiple stopping points where you can take a dip.

Suck Creek | Suck Creek Road | With several access points, this spot offers a great area for hiking + swimming.

Rainbow Lake | Ohio Avenue | Take a hike from the Rainbow Lake Trailhead + spend time at the waterfall basking in the gorgeous views.

North Chick Blue Hole | 354 Montlake Rd. | This area is sure to cool you down with its vast creek that is perfect for swimming.

Chester Frost Park | 2277 Gold Point Cir. N. | Enjoy a day at the “beach” without having to drive farther than Hixson. Bonus: take the kiddos to play at NOOGA Splash, the floating playground + obstacle course.

NOOGAtoday | North Chick Blue Hole

The Scenic City is full of swimming holes to jump into like the North Chick Blue Hole.

Photo by Ryan Maum provided by Chattanooga Tourism Co.


Warner Park | 1254 E. 3rd St. | $3 | Enjoy this pool that features a “Spray and Play” splash pad + obstacle courses.

Carver Center | 600 N. Orchard Knob St. | Free | Beginning Wednesday, June 7, folks can splash around in this outdoor pool.

Red Bank | 3620 Tom Weathers Dr. | $0-$4 | This community pool has been open since 1962 + offers fun for the whole family.

Signal Mountain | 1100 Ridgeway Ave. | $7-$12 | Town Pool features a “500,000-gallon Olympic-size” pool with a separate baby pool.

South Cleveland Community Center | 1334 Church St. | $2-$3 | This spot has a wide range of amenities including two water slides.

Martha Denton | 406 Cotter St., Ringgold, GA | $0-$4 |Take a dip in this community pool that is open for the season until Labor Day weekend — season passes are also available.

Did we float over your favorite spot? Let us know.

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