Read the winning poem from our 2023 poetry contest

We challenged our readers to turn one of our newsletters into a poem — here’s what you came up with.

NOOGAtoday | Poetry Contest Winner

Drumroll, please.

Graphic by 6AM City

This April, we ran a poetry contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. We challenged you, our readers, to craft a poem using only the words that appeared in one of our newsletters (here are the original contest guidelines if you want to give it a try).

Turns out, you’re all poets and we didn’t even know it. We were beyond thrilled to read the original, creative, and awe-inspiring poems Noogans created from our newsletter copy. Check out the poems below, including the contest winner our readers voted for

Winner: “Renewal” by Laura Gunnells M.

During a season of sleep
featuring lavender
notes, I become free
from yesterday’s dismay
and forget this hour
like a candle
nibbling darkness.
Now, the lunar transit
cuts a narrow valley
through the cloudy lake
while a forest of oak
and chestnut are listening
for the music of morning
or a red sunrise to pull
the trees, breaking
the moon

Finalist: “A Long Walk, Home” by Ryan L.

Take a walk at sundown.
The water of the river, painted pink, is a stage —
a private gallery, but free and open to all.
A simple magic show.
And, after while sitting along the riverside,
the full moon rises over the oak trees as words connect into a poem to commemorate the occasion and make a new memorial in observance of the return to Home.

Finalist: “Chattanooga Living” by Gerri S.

What is the scoop for our city today?
Will it be for outdoors in our parks where we play?
Could it give us a glimpse of our history?
It may.
Or will it be information for our lives day to day? Either way,
I will find what I need in my Noogatoday.

Bonus: Honorary finalist — Editor Kristen’s mom, Angi T.

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