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Unknown Caller announces new mocktail menu

Craft cocktail bar Unknown Caller will now have a separate menu featuring craft mocktails + low alcoholic beverages.

NOOGAtoday | Unknown Caller mocktails

Editor Haley got to sample the new mocktails, and they were delicious.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Unknown Caller, located at 715 Cherry St., will be broadening its specialty to the realm of mocktails and low-alcoholic beverages all on its own menu — the “Low + No Alcohol.”

Bar Manager Kelsey Hassell said the new menu will provide a more inclusive experience for the bar’s clientele who may not want to partake in alcohol but still want to enjoy the environment with their friends.

Kelsey added, “It being separate provides them with their own tailored experience vs. being an afterthought on the bottom of an extensive craft cocktail menu.”

NOOGAtoday | Unknown mocktails

Unknown Caller wants to eliminate any inconvenience or embarrassment folks might feel when ordering low + non-alcoholic drinks in a bar setting.

Photo provided by Unknown Caller

What to expect

  • Ratio | five mocktails + two low-alcoholic beverages
  • Flavor palate | Seasonal + balanced — tart, bitter, savory, refreshing, etc.
  • Ingredients | House-made syrups, juices + tinctures, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits, non-alcoholic bitters, aquafaba (egg-white substitute)

Kelsey said the bar wants to be as intentional with this menu as they are with cocktails + they’ve seen an increase in the last year of ~30% of guests asking about mocktails.
Bonus: Remember us teasing about Drink Up Month? You can expect Unknown Caller to be a destination.

“This menu was created with so much intention and time. I look forward to seeing our doors open up to even more friends in our community.” — Kelsey Hassell

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