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Rock City barn gets a commemorative makeover

The See Rock City barn attraction celebrates its 90th anniversary with a fresh coat of paint.

See Rock City barn

The newly painted barn now has a commemorative Rock City 90th anniversary logo on the front side. | Photo by See Rock City

An extension of the Chattanooga staple attraction has added more layers of paint to its history — the “See Rock City” barn in Fort Payne, AL.

Rock City’s innovation team repainted the barn on Thursday, March 30 to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The two-sided barn says “See Beautiful Rock City Today” + “See Rock City World’s 8th Wonder.”

Jim Byers & Don Harris 2012 repaint-2.jpg

The last time this barn was repainted was in 2012 for its 80th anniversary. | Photo by See Rock City

This barn is one of several across the eastern side of the country that holds a significant history. Clark Byers, the legendary painter of these barns, began painting Rock City advertisements in 1935 — he painted 900 barns in 19 states before retiring in 1969.

Fun fact: Due to a billboard-banning legislation nicknamed the “Ladybird Act” that was passed in 1965, many of Clark’s billboards were repainted + his clever advertisements were hidden.

Clark first painted the Fort Payne barn, located at 13487 Alabama Hwy., ~60 years ago and it has since been under the longstanding care of owners Darren and Michelle Henderson. The barn received a repaint back in 2012 by Clark’s sons Jim + Don Harris.

CEO and President of See Rock City Inc. Doug Chapin said it was enriching to keep the tradition going with the innovation team.

“It’s hard to keep these icons maintained, but it is a part of our legacy that we think gets to the cornerstones of our business: innovation, sustainability, art, and people.” — Doug Chapin

Want to see this barn + track down the others? Follow this map during your search.

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