Not Too Hot Sauce hits the shelves in Chattanooga

A new locally made sauce has made its way to the Scenic City, taking on a more mild flavor range — check out the sisters behind this not-so-spicy brand.

NOOGAtoday | A variety pack of Not Too Hot Sauce — from left to right, Gingerella (orange label), Jalapeño Business (green label), Creamy Buff-Alo (red label), and Cha-Cha Sriracha (blue label).

Spicy not your thing? Try out a new local mild to medium sauce brand.

Photo by Not Too Hot Sauce

A new hot sauce company has hit the streets, but with a more mild twist. Not Too Hot Sauce specializes in classic hot flavors without the heat.

Created by Chattanooga natives Melody and Angela Petulla, this sister-duo company currently has four recipes. Melody Petulla, a spice lover + recipe maker, was inspired by her younger sister’s lack of love for hot flavors.

  • Gingerella | Red jalapeño + ginger-based mild to medium sauce
  • Jalapeño Business | Jalepeño + lime-based mild sauce
  • Creamy Buff-alo | Cayenne-based mild to medium sauce
  • Cha-Cha Sriracha | Red jalapeño + mild red pepper-based medium sauce

“We are a hot sauce for weak people, and we’re okay with that,” said Angela Petulla. “They’re gonna get a nice tingly sensation instead of something that will scold their mouth.”
The pair hopes to work with other small businesses to showcase these sauces. Currently, you can shop online or visit Scenic City Hot Sauces located at 133 Frazier Ave. (Pro tip: ask to have a sample taste).

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