A look at The Caverns Amphitheater in Grundy County, Tennessee

Choose to attend a concert under or above ground at The Caverns in Grundy County, TN. | Photo by NOOGAtoday

Just an hour’s drive from Chattanooga is a venue that gives a whole new meaning to underground music The Caverns in Grundy County, Tennessee. 

The Caverns’ connected underground cave system covers 8,000 ft of cave passages where during the day you can take guided walking tours and thrill-seekers can journey deeper for an adventure cave tour.  

During the evenings, The Caverns offer cave concerts that can accommodate ~1200 people + has state-of-the-art sound and light systems to give the concert experience of a lifetime all while underground. 

Bonus: The PBS music series “Bluegrass Underground” is filmed in this location.

In October of 2020, The Caverns expanded its venue to include an above ground option, The Caverns Amphitheater. At the time, it was a temporary venue offering socially-distanced “pod” concerts

In 2022, The Caverns expanded the amphitheater to be a permanent venue with stunning views of the Cumberland Plateau + the ability to host ~5,500 people. 

City Editor Kristen was able to attend The Caverns Amphitheater’s Grand Opening event this past Saturday with Old Crow Medicine Show’s Hootenanny

The amphitheater has reserved seating (with extremely comfy chairs) close to the stage where guests have access to restrooms and a bar in the subterranean cave.

In the rear section of the amphitheater, guests can bring their own blankets + chairs and enjoy food and drinks from food trucks or the concessions.

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