Things about Chattanooga, TN we hope never change

One thing that we hope never changes about Chattanooga is its scenic views. | Photo by @emilyklester

We consider ourselves some of Chattanooga’s biggest fans. We love welcoming new restaurants and developments to town and watching the community continue to grow + flourish

With that being said, there are several things about Chattanooga we hope never change + we asked you all if you felt the same way — spoiler alert: you did

Here are seven special things about Chattanooga that locals hope remain the same. 

The local business support! I love that Chattanooga isn’t flooded by chains. The local businesses are my favorite.​​” @djordyn. We couldn’t agree more — Chattanoogans are all about buying local + supporting small businesses.

“The murals all around the city!” @daniel_trentham. The Chattanooga art scene isn’t messing around. Check out our guide to local murals + some of the community’s newest additions.

Accessibility.”@adamrberry90. Pro tip: check out these local activities for mobility-challenged people.

“Being able to find free parking some of the time.” @jlbnerdy. Avoid that parking ticket with our guide to free, cheap, or easily accessible parking in town.

The local business and market community! We love the River Market, Chattanooga Market, and all other pop ups to be able to connect with our community!” — @chattanoogaclaycompany.

Keep Chattanoogans kind, friendly, and smiling.” @lwalker195 + Strangers smiling, waving, and saying hello to strangers.” @stefaniesomething

“The Broad Street Taco Bell.” @south_turk. If you know, you know. 

What are some things you hope never change about Chattanooga? We would love to hear your thoughts.