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The Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department recently released an update on several park projects that are in development, and we’re sharing more details with you all.

NOOGAtoday | Parks update

The Chattanooga Parks and Outdoor Department has been working on several projects — check out these updates.

Photo by Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department

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The Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department recently revealed updates on several projects, and we’re here to dive a little deeper into each one.

NOOGAtoday | Lynnbrook Park

Crews are currently relocating and rebuilding the stream running through the park.

Photo by Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department

Lynnbrook Park

Located at the intersection of Lynnbrook Avenue and E. 17th Street, this Oak Grove neighborhood park had its groundbreaking back in April. Crews are working hard to prep the lot, having already cleaned, cleared, and graded a large portion.

The 1.4-acre site received National Recreation and Park Association’s 2021 Parks Build Community award, a donation series totaling ~$300,000. Parks and Outdoors Park Planner Akosua Cook said they are doing a full stream renovation to significantly reduce flooding in the area.

With the completion on track to finish by the spring of 2024, Akosua said the park will feature a GTWave, the first inclusive net climber leading to a 6-ft zip slide + a public art piece.

Heritage Walk

A new short trail system, brought to you by Thousand Hills Co., has been paved to connect the developing residential area at 8195 Lemonade St. to Heritage Park.

The development group elevated the natural surface trail for easy walking + with the help of the parks department, a new gate has been installed to allow public access. Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Communications and Marketing Director Brian Smith said that this joint effort shows that public + private partnerships can help create “a city in a park.”

NOOGAtoday | Provence Park

The Provence Street park will restore the area to its natural beauty for the community to enjoy.

Photo by Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department

Provence Street Park

This Brainerd park is still in its early stages of development as the department is gathering feedback from the community. Akosua said feedback has been generally positive. She added, “The residents appreciate that we are working to restore the site and retain its natural characteristics and provide habitat for wildlife.”

The area will be tailored by the neighborhood + its residents while being shaped by its unique topography. The park is currently in the design phase and is anticipated to be completed by November 2024.

Bonus: The survey is still open for public feedback.

These projects are actively implementing the goals behind the new Parks and Outdoors Plan (POP) with a focus on connecting each resident to a green space.

Stay updated on the continuing efforts to make Chattanooga the first National Park City in America via the mailing list.

“One of the goals of the POP is to build with community, not just within, we want the public to work hand in hand with us as we implement the goals we set forth in the POP.” — Akosua Cook

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