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Who to call when rescuing wildlife in Chattanooga

Whether it’s a stray cat or an injured bird you come across, check out these local rescues to help protect the wildlife in Chattanooga — you might even want to save some of the numbers for future reference.

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Whether it’s injured wildlife or a stray domestic animal, use these local resources to help.

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The Scenic City is full of beautiful outdoor spaces, and home to even more creatures that inhabit our surrounding wildlife. If you’ve ever come across an injured or stray animal, it can be jarring if you don’t know what to do — so, we’re putting together a helpful guide with local resources.

Before coming to the rescue, read up on best practices when interacting with wildlife.


Marshall Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservancy, 2606 Corral Rd. | Specializing in eastern gray squirrels and eastern cottontail rabbits, you can text 540-392-5428 with details of the animal for help.

Chattanooga Zoo, 301 N. Holtzclaw Ave. | Call 423-697-1322 ext. 5704 to speak with a staff member. Note: The zoo does not currently retrieve the animals. You will have to coordinate dropping the creature off.

For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue, 7907 Hamilton Mill Dr. | Call ‭1-855-252-9683‬ when stumbling upon skunks, foxes, raccoons, bobcats, reptiles, and amphibians in need of help.

Happinest Wildlife Rescue, 920 Glamis Cir. | Call or text 423-665-WILD or 423-520-NEST to report all sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife — check out the organization’s best practices.

Camp Wildernest Wildlife Center, Inc., 9122 Hundley Rd. | Fill out an intake form, text, or call 423-593-3932 with information on the animal that needs rescuing.

Opie Acres, Near Bonny Oaks Drive | This organization focuses on helping orphaned and injured opossums — call 423-255-6460 for assistance.

Bonus: Look up different wildlife + rehabilitation resources statewide.

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Come across a stray that needs shelter or a potential lost pet? Call these places.

Domestic animals

Disclaimer: These centers might be at capacity at the time of your call and won’t be able to accept anymore animals.

McKamey Animal Center, 4500 N. Access Rd. | Call 423-305-6500 ext. 3 when finding a stray or lost pet. If the animal is injured, dial ext. 1 for the Animal Protection Team. Bonus: McKamey is able to turn over certain wildlife to a local rehabilitation center for help.

Humane Educational Society, 4155 Randolph Cir. | Call 423-624-5302 when needing help with a stray or to report animal negligence.

Trooper’s Treasures, 2290 Gunbarrel Rd. | Call 423-212-3116 for dog rescues.

East Ridge Animal Services, 1015 Yale St. | If you find a stray or lost animal in the East Ridge area, call 423-633-7774 for help.

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