Try This: Visiting the highest-rated cat café in the world


DYK that Naughty Cat Café is the highest-rated of its kind in the world? | Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Did you know that one of Chattanooga’s most unique business is also the highest rated of its kind in the world? You read that right — in the world.

Chattanooga’s Naughty Cat Café (which is not a strip club, btw) celebrated its third anniversary yesterday, and we were lucky enough to celebrate at the café itself.


Working at Naughty Cat Café

What we tried

We started off the way we start every work morning — with a big mug of coffee. The café serves Mad Priest coffee, which is included in a $15, one-hour session in the cat lounge. We won’t lie to you, it was pretty difficult to concentrate on work with 30+ cats being so adorable, but we powered through to get you this newsletter (you’re welcome).

Don’t miss

The amazing atmosphere. Unlike many cat cafés, Naughty Cat features an intimate, comfortable atmosphere (with cozy leather couches, dim lighting in one of the rooms, and relaxing music) for you to spend time with the kitties. This may be why it has a higher Google rating than even cat cafés in East Asia, where the unique café concept was born.

Have you ever searched “chill study jams” on Youtube? This café is exactly that, but with cats. Plus, only 15 people are allowed in the space at a time, so you can be sure to get quality time with the kitties.

Besides being comfortable, it’s also beneficial — visitors get to see how the cats will behave in an actual home environment before deciding to adopt (oh yeah, every cat here is adoptable, btw).

What we’re still talking about

This place is, simply put, a happy spot. Even if you don’t adopt a cat, it feels good to know that your $15 admission fee went to giving these cats a lovely place to live until they do find their forever home, which likely won’t take long the average cat in the café is adopted in ~two weeks.

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