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Where to play trivia in Chattanooga, TN

Get ready to put your knowledge to the test at these local trivia events.

Photo of a pint of beer with a red logo on it and the words "Five Wits." The beer is sitting on a table with a sheet of paper and a small stack of papers that say "Chatt Trivia"

Five Wits hosts Chatt Trivia, a local trivia league, each Thursday night. | Photo via NOOGAtoday

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The NOOGAtoday team is pretty serious about trivia. We’ve made our rounds at various trivia joints around town, and we need some good competition — bring it on.

❓Live Trivia

Live trivia is a national organization with trained hosts, questions divided into broad + specific categories, and prizes.

Game format | Live Trivia features six rounds, with three questions per round. You can assign how many points you’d like attributed to each question depending on your confidence in the answer + wager up to 20 points on the final question.

Pro tip: There are two clues that are posted on Facebook each week.

❓Chatt Trivia

Chatt Trivia is a local trivia organization that is currently in the midst of qualifying rounds for its Summer Tournament that features a $1,000 cash prize — folks are also entered to win bar cash prizes each week.

Game format | In Chatt Trivia, there are four rounds of questioning, with four questions per round. The first round is five points per question, the second is 10, and so on. For the final question, the host will provide a general topic (like anatomy) and allow you to wager up to the number of points you currently have.

Not Rocket Science Trivia

Not Rocket Science Trivia started as a Knoxville-based group that has since spread its trivia questioning nationwide.

Game format | This game features eight rounds with three questions before going into Final Trivia (where players wager points). Each round is a little different — expect straight trivia questions, an over/under format, a list round, game show round, and different themes.

❓Independent trivia events

Did we miss your favorite spot to get your quiz on? Let us know.

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