Who is moving to Chattanooga + what brought them here

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Chattanooga currently has an annual growth rate of 0.84%. and its population has increased by 10.07% since the most recent census. | Photo via @emilyklester

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No matter what part of town you’re in, it seems that new housing developments are popping up left and right. This has locals + outsiders alike wondering what the Chattanooga community currently looks like.

“Who’s moving to Chattanooga and what brought them here? I hear lots of anecdotes, but what does the data say?”Scott P.

We’d be more than happy to break down who is moving to Chattanooga + why they choose to move here.

What is bringing people to Chattanooga?

Chattanooga has made the rankings of several U.S. News listings such as:

  • No. 49 in Best Places to Live in the US
  • No. 27 in Best Places to Retire
  • No. 3 in Best Places to Live in Tennessee

The reasoning behind these rankings?

Here are the determining factors:

  • Beautiful natural surroundings + outdoor activities
  • Cost of living is below the national average
  • Diverse economy + job market
  • Retirement opportunities
  • Family, friends, and lifestyle

Who is moving to Chattanooga?

The US Census Bureau has this great tool that allows you to see how many people moved to a specific county and from where between 2015-2019.

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For example, 615 people moved to Hamilton County from Knox County in 2021. | Screenshot via the US Census Bureau

From 2015-2019:

  • 12,212 people moved to Hamilton County from a different state
  • 6,314 people moved from a different county in Tennessee
  • 973 people moved to Hamilton County from a different county

A study by United Van Lines found that in 2021, 62% of moves are inbound for the state of Tennessee and that people of all ages + incomes are moving here.

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Breakdown of ages of people moving to Tennessee. | Screenshot via United Van Lines

People 65 years or older make up 29.92% of the people moving to Tennessee, closely followed by people ages 55 to 64 at 24.55%.

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Income breakdown of the people moving to Chattanooga. | Screenshot via United Vans Lines

Income wise, this study found that 45.82% of people moving to Tennessee make $150,000+ annually + 21.74% make $100,000 to $149,999 annually.

In conclusion

There’s a mix of people of all ages + incomes moving here from all kinds of different places to enjoy all the wonderful things Chattanooga has to offer.

We’re curious, what do you think the No. 1 reason to move to Chattanooga is? Send your thoughts (anecdotal as they may be) our way.