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Your 2022 State and Federal General Election Guide

Election Day is Tues., Nov. 8. Here’s the need-to-know information.


Election Day is coming up on Tues., Nov. 8.

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Table of Contents

At NOOGAtoday, we aim to cover local elections in a way that educates and activates our community with unbiased information to encourage individual voter participation. (I.e. vote for whoever + whatever you want to, just make sure to vote.) To learn more, check out our Editorial Ethics Policy.

Election Day is Tues., Nov. 8, and early voting for the State and Federal General Election will end this Thurs., Nov. 3. To make this election as easy as possible, we’ve curated need-to-know information about how and where to vote.

Important dates

Polling place

Find your Election Day polling place with this voter information tool. Once you plug in your information, your polling place will pop up.

Residents can vote at any location where early voting is conducted through Thurs., Nov. 3. No matter when you vote, you’ll be required to show an ID with your name and photograph.

What’s on the ballot (running opposed)

The following positions have at least two people running opposed for office. Those running unopposed in the election are not listed. Find all election candidates on the sample general ballot.

Want to know exactly who your choices are for the election? Head here + fill out the requested information for a sample ballot based on your district, with all of the potential candidates.

Amendments 1-4 (view here)


US House of Representatives District 3

Tennessee House of Representatives District 26

Tennessee House of Representatives District 27

City of Collegedale Commissioner (vote for two)

City of East Ridge City Councilor (vote for two)

City of Lakesite Commissioner (vote for two)
While Kenneth L. Wilkerson is on the ballot, he recently passed away. The remaining candidates are thus running unopposed.

City of Red Bank Commissioner at Large

City of Red Bank Commissioner, District 1

City of Red Bank Commissioner, District 3

City of Ridgeside Commissioner (vote for three)

City of Soddy Daisy Commissioner (vote for two)

Town of Walden Alderman

Town of Walden Liquor Referendum (read here)

* We tried our best to include links to the candidate’s election website or election social media account. If those were unavailable, we tried to find a link including the most information. If you know of a better link that represents any of the above candidates, please let us know.