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A week in the life of the NOOGAtoday editors

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What does a week in the life of the two NOOGAtoday editors look like?

Every week is different, but the basics remain: the two of us switch off being lead editor writing the newsletter from top to bottom — and social editormanaging our inbox, social media accounts + editing the lead’s work. Take a peek into what this particular week looked like. 👇

☕ Monday

While Kristen was hard at work taste-testing sandwiches, Brianna checked some social accounts to find local events — @visitchatt, @rivercitycompany, @nooganightlife + @thechattery, among others. That evening, Brianna met a friend in Coolidge Park for a sushi picnic that you may have seen on our Instagram page.

💻 Tuesday

We started the morning at Five Wits for a sneak peek of Barrelhouse Ballroom. Bri then headed back home to write all about it while Kristen returned to Niedlov’s for some lunch… er, social content. Later that afternoon, our entire company met via Zoom to touch base, and Kristen ended the day at Tailgate Brewery’s friends + family welcome night.

🐪 Wednesday

This morning, we met virtually with our manager + regional team of editors. Bri spent some time working outside at Sleepyhead to enjoy the weather, while Kristen prepared to hit up Hamilton Place Mall + listen to TokeThePoet. After work, Brianna met her husband in Cooper’s Alley for a drink and vegan pizza at Cherry Street Tavern.

☀️ Thursday

Brianna usually spends Thursday mornings prepping for Good Chatt, but this week the segment was canceled (don’t worry, we’ll be back). Around lunchtime, Bri took a walk for fresh air + to spot anything new around town while Kristen recorded “3 Things to Do This Weekend” with Gino from Hits 96. Brianna ended the day by taking advantage of tax free grocery shopping.

🎉 Friday

Whew, what a week. We’re ending it with a trip to McLemore to check out the space + what it has to offer Chattanoogans. Brianna is also attending a virtual newsletter idea swap to get more inspo on how to make NOOGAtoday amazing, and Kristen will prepare to attend weekend markets and events for social content.

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