Answered: Our readers’ 2024 predictions

We asked, you answered. Here’s what locals think will happen this year.

2024 predictions bingo card — top row: "Temps hit 100 in June," "Dolly Parton concert announced," + "City Cafe reopens on Broad Street in May, second row: "Featured on a best food list," "free space," + "Walnut Street bridge repairs get delayed until 2025" third row: "Nominated for a Best Bathroom award," "I-24 interchange construction is complete,"  + "Your bestie subscribes to NOOGAtoday"

What’s on your bingo card for this year?

Graphic by 6AM City

What’s on your bingo card for 2024?

We polled our readers, and here are some of your zaniest predictions for 2024:

  • “A small earthquake.” — Pam E.
  • “Best farmers market in America.” — Emma R.
  • “National Park City” — Tammy K.

It is anyone’s guess what happens over the course of this year — but we like your guesses best. This is your last shot to submit your predictions for 2024. Otherwise, we’ll check back in around December to see what actually happened.

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