Answered: which major local project would you want finished immediately?

If you could wave a magic wand, these are the projects that you would finish in the blink of an eye.

NOOGAtoday: The Bend water

~13% of responses said they’d want to see The Bend completed instantly.

Rendering by Dover, Kohl & Partners

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Earlier this month, we took inspiration from a LinkedIn post by Nathan Tucker that asked locals: “if you had the power to instantly finish a major local infrastructure or development project, which project would you choose?”

You guys were eager to share how you’d use the magic locally. We broke your 200+ responses down into six categories — five developments that were mentioned the most, and one “other” category. 👇

~32% said: I-75 interchange at I-24

I-24 because infrastructure needs to stay ahead of population.” — Michael F.

I-75 and I-24. It affects me every day. Other things don’t affect me, but this does.” — Jan J.

I-75/I-24 interchange. The backups due to the bottleneck coming into Chattanooga are unreal.” — Cami N.

~14% said: The new Lookouts stadium and accompanying development

Definitely the Wheland Foundry site & Lookouts stadium. It’s going to change the whole perception of Chattanooga and provide everyone with a really cool gathering space to dine, shop & relax.” — Jarrah VW.

Lookouts/multi-use stadium and surrounding development. The entire 120 acre site can provide a huge economic boost to the city as well as provide more commercial and residential development.” — Michael M.

The South Broad District, because it would create a better first impression for visitors coming in on 24 from Nashville.” — Mark C.

~13% said: The Bend

The Bend– because, have you seen the renderings? Amazing.” — Rachel B. (Oh, we’ve seen ‘em)

The Bend because I think our Chattanooga riverfront property should play a larger role in our local live/work/play lives, as well as the visitors we host here in the Scenic City.” — Brad J.

The Bend, great new shopping and ability to live and eat on the river!” — Andrew B.

~11% said: Reflection Riding’s Framework for the Future

Reflection Riding’s Framework for the Future. Having increased and improved access to that magical 300 acres of nature right next to downtown Chattanooga would give us all the fortitude we’ll need to make it patiently through the completion of all the other projects that are in the works” — Angela B.

Refection Riding’s Framework for the Future! It will be a game changer for connecting people to nature — a boon for mental and physical health— and educating the next generations of conservationists — a necessity for the health of our planet.” — Annette A.

A project that would add lasting value to the entire region - Reflection Riding’s Framework for the Future” — Lawrence M.

~6% said: Mill Town

Mill Town. It is going to be a wonderful addition to the other end of Main Street. The neighborhood will benefit so much from this long overdue development. This area of the city has been ignored for way too long.” — Anne S.

Mill Town - our community needs to continue to invest in diverse residential markets that can bring together a wide variety of people and socioeconomic groups. Mill Town has the ability to be a nice, clean, desirable urban environment serving all components of our community members in one location.” — Ben W.

Milltown, revitalization of the area, close proximity to downtown Chattanooga, advantageous to attracting more people to the City.” — Jacob J.

~25% said : Other (another response that in total received less than five mentions)

Airport, because we have more folks moving to Chattanooga and we have out grown our current airport.” — Kim H.

Westside Evolves. Housing has become harder to afford in the last few years and I think it’s important to get projects like these completed for people in the community who need it.” — Delaine W.

Chattanooga parks and outdoor plan - we need more sidewalks!” — Amanda B.

The building of a new school for Tyner Academy because it’s way overdue.” — Louise M.

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