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Asked: What coffee questions do you want answered?

We want to deep dive into some local coffeehouses.


These beans are roasted by Mean Mug Coffee Roasters, but have you ever wondered the process?

Have you ever tasted your morning cup of coffee and wanted to know more about where it came from? We want to answer those questions.

From farm grown to being brewed and poured into your mug, we are going to do a deep dive on local coffeehouses + learn more about the roasting process.

It could be spots that do their own roasting — think: Mean Mug Coffeehouse, Goodman Coffee Roasters, and Velo Coffee Roasters — or shops that outsource their beans from a roasting company such as Sleepyhead Coffee.

Let us know what local coffeehouses to explore + questions on the ins and outs you want answered in an upcoming newsletter.

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