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Chattanooga Culture brings kombucha to the beverage scene

Chattanooga Culture has moved its operations from operating strictly at markets to a storefront in nearby Rossville, GA — read along to get an exclusive look before its grand opening.

Bottles of Chattanooga Culture's kombucha on a wood bartop

Explore the world and benefits of fermented teas.

Photo by Chattanooga Culture

You might recognize this business from the farmers market scene — Chattanooga Culture will soon open its storefront in nearby Rossville, GA, bringing a kombucha lounge to the area.

Located at 313 McFarland Ave. (where the former Flora de Mel meadery operated), folks can expect to try holistic kombuchas and other fermented goods.

Fermentation Master and Owner Matt Cone said he was looking for his niche in the wellness community when he discovered the process of making kombucha. Having moved to the city only three and a half years ago, Cone started Chattanooga Culture with the help of the Kitchen Incubator of Chattanooga last February.

The lounge at Chattanooga Culture with blue chairs and couches and plants

The rustic space is designed to be welcoming for all patrons + have them leave feeling better than when they come in.

Photo by Chattanooga Culture

“To have a place where people can actually hang out and have an experience and learn more about the process, because the brewing will be right there,” Cone said. “It’s more about creating a like-minded community.”

Cone said he has also enjoyed seeing the shift to more non-alcoholic options and wants to keep Chattanooga Culture alcohol-free to align with its ethos of health + wellness — opting to offer herbal mocktails.

We got to take a journey through Cone’s process and passion for experimentation, and we’re dying to spill the tea.

You start with brewing a loose-leaf tea base (black, white, green, or one of Cone’s favorites — Yerba mate) that is sweetened with sugar to help the fermentation process. Then you dilute the base to add the scoby (yeast) — Cone said he blends a new batch with remnants of an older batch to ferment together, creating a whole batch of kombucha.

To flavor the drinks, Cone likes experimenting with juicing local produce or purchasing locally-made juices to blend in. Think: Strawberries, carrots, beets, apples, etc.

A book on Kombucha

One of Cone’s favorite aspects to experiment with is choosing different tea blends to start the process.

Photo by Chattanooga Culture

The lounge will offer its kombuchas and other fermented drinks on tap + a grab-and-go cooler. Pro tip: Purchase a growler (for $20-$35, depending on size) to get $5 off on refills.

The store will open to the public on Friday, June 14 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. You’ll also still be able to find Chattanooga Culture’s products across town at these stores + markets.

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