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Changes coming to Chattanooga’s Market South food hall


Come Tuesday morning, you, too, can be enjoying this bagel sandwich. | Photo by Mike Monen

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Everyone loves a bit of hot gossip, especially when it’s about a popular local restaurant. So when we saw rumors that Market South is changing its food hall concept, we went straight to the source — owner Mike Monen.

TL;DR — Yes, Market South is changing, and yes, part of it will become a music venue. But it’s the details that make this story particularly exciting.

Will there still be food?


  • Food operations will move to Five Wits Brewing (the brewery + outdoor space in the back). Don’t worry — they’re moving tables around to make sure there’s plenty of space for folks to eat.
  • It will be renamed “Five Wits Table and Tap.”
  • The space will have a completely new menu.
  • Expect to see breakfast from “Egg Man Bagelry,” the concept that ran at Market South before Milk & Honey came in. The menu will feature New York-style bagels + a full coffee operation, with mimosa and bloody mary specials on the weekends.
  • The lunch menu will keep some of the current bar favorites, like the authentic philly cheesesteaks + add reuben New York-style sandwiches, appetizers, and a major salad selection.

What about the venue?

  • The plan is to convert the larger, indoor space at Market South into a 500-person music venue with a balcony.
  • The project is still in early planning stages, but they hope to have it open sometime this summer.
  • Monen said that their goal is not to compete with other venues, but to fill a gap in Chattanooga with its 500-person space.
  • Once completed, the venue will host bigger talent in addition to supporting local and regional artists.

When is this happening?

Actually, pretty soon. This Sunday will be the final brunch served by Milk & Honey in the Market South space (it’s moving back to its renovated space in Northshore). After that, Market South will remain closed until Tuesday for training.

Starting Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., the new Egg Man Bagelry at Five Wits Table and Tap will be open for business.