How ChattState’s 7-week class format can help students get ahead

ChattState’s 7-week class format can help students, including those in the TN Reconnect program, get ahead | Photo provided

Chattanooga State Community College is counting down to the Fall 2021 semester + celebrating its shift to the 7-week class format

DYK? This innovative class format allows students to finish their degrees more efficiently and on time. By breaking the standard 15-week semester into 2 sessions, students juggle fewer classes at once. Think: If you’d normally take 5 classes in a 15-week semester, you’d take 3 classes the first 7 weeks and 2 classes the next 7 weeks (or vice-versa).

National data — as well as Chattanooga State’s own — supports this format’s success, as 10-15% of students are more likely to finish classes during a 7-week session than they are in a 15-week session.

This format can be especially helpful for TN Reconnect students over the age of 24, many of whom are also balancing school with jobs, families, and other responsibilities. The Reconnect program has allowed the number of adult students at ChattState to climb, offering more opportunities for Noogans to achieve their educational goals. Ⓟ