Chattanooga leaders share what they love about the city


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We hope you’re spending the day at home (wherever that may be), surrounded by family + friends. 💛

Earlier this month, we shared with you the things that we are thankful for. We also reached out to local business people and community leaders and asked them what they were grateful about related to the city. And we wanted to share all the warm + fuzziness with everyone. 💌

Here’s what they said. ⬇️

🙏 “I am thankful for a city that believes in play. From the gorgeous natural surroundings that offer boating, hiking, cycling and hang gliding to the many well-maintained parks and playgrounds there is something for everyone. Regardless of age or ability, Chattanooga provides families with an unprecedented number of ways to play.” —Kent Callison, director of marketing at GameTime, a PlayCore Company

🙏 “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have an impactful job that I enjoy, a loving family that tolerates my eccentricities, and the fulfillment that comes from friends who bring passion to their pursuits. I’m grateful to work alongside of a mayor and Council that cares about people, make investments in our babies, families, entrepreneurs and [are] unsympathetic of the toxins of hate. I’m grateful for green spaces that allow families and friends to gather. You know what, I’m grateful for moments where I can just be myself. I’m grateful for community organizers that advocate for equitable opportunities for all Chattanoogans, social enterprises that equip persons with a path [to] success.” —District 9 Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod

🙏 “Healthy family, a creative son in the restaurant business who thought Chattanooga was a great next step after Nashville and that it wasn’t too, too close to Mom, as long as I don’t come over to his house uninvited — lol. Grateful that my whole family — including my husband and my mother — have formed new friendships and found fun things to do in Chattanooga — from book clubs to hiking to helping out with English-as-a-second-language classes. Oh, and boating — the river is amazing.” —Sybil Topel, vice president of communications for the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

🙏 “After growing up in New Orleans, I love the mountains, the river, streams… the rocks, plants, animals and insects. The variety of natural wonders and beauty has always amazed and enthralled me. The people are so genuinely nice, and that makes Chattanooga the best package for me!” —Ben Cairns, account executive, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

🙏 “For me, I’m so thankful for Chattanooga’s nearby nature. No matter where you are in the city, you can find quick trail access. I’m also grateful that leadership in Chattanooga has continued to protect our outdoor spaces as the city has undergone significant growth.” —Michael Sommers, attorney, Ridgeline Venture Law

🙏 “I’m thankful Chattanooga is so open and embracing of outsiders who are here to try to make the city better. We moved here as a couple damn Yankees, but no one has treated us as such through our process of meeting everyone in town.” —Max Poppel, co-owner of The Flying Squirrel and The Crash Pad

🙏 “At Causeway, we are so thankful that we live in a city where people do not idly wait for change to happen. Chattanooga is full of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help be a part of that change.” —Causeway staff

🙏 “I am thankful for the privilege of seeing members of our community at some of the greatest, most inspirational moments of their lives. From heroic actions to levels of compassion and strength that simply inspire....inspire us all, to be more, to strive for more, to help more.” —Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy

🙏 “We are thankful for our community of learners and teachers. All of the small business owners, crafters, and artists make this city great!” —Shawanda Mason-Moore and Jennifer Holder of The Chattery

🙏 “I’m thankful there are so many ways to be involved in the community and that big-hearted Chattanoogans generously share their time and resources to make a difference.” —Lara Caughman, corporate communications manager, Ruby Falls LLC

🙏 “I’m thankful for having a city that we can enjoy the outdoors and be there in minutes, from the River to the mountains, there is something for everyone.” —Dawn Hjelseth, director of Development, GreenSpaces

🙏 “I am thankful for a community that builds up and nurtures not only Chattanooga as a whole, but the individuals and people that live within it. (You know who you are and we thank you.)” Felicia Jackson, CEO of CPR Wrap

🙏 “I am thankful for my colleagues and their spirit of ownership. Thompson is an employee-owned company, and an ownership mentality is what is driving growth for our company.” —Sharon Braden, Tennessee Valley Regional Manager, Thompson Engineering

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