The Chattanooga Music Census is live

If you make music happen in Chattanooga, this census is for you.

A Tennessee Music Pathways marker showing Bessie Smith, located right in front of the Bessie Smith Cultural Center Building.

The music census will close in November.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

The Chattanooga Music Censusa community-led effort to better understand the current needs of the local music sceneis now live.

The goal of the census is to provide an official survey of the networks of creative + business professionals producing music–related outputs in Chattanooga.

It will also help local music organizations navigate better and more fair ways to support and serve our local music communityespecially as it continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

So, who should take the survey? Anyone who helps make music happen, whether you’re:

  • A musician
  • A stagehand, music educator, manager, or other music industry professional
  • A music venue, whether that’s a bar with weekly performances or a space that’s dedicated to shows
  • A creative service provider who does music-related work (photographers, designers, etc.)
  • A support service provider who does music-related work (lawyers, publicists, etc.)
  • A nightlife service provider, such as venue staff
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