Chattanooga remembers Leslie Jordan

The actor, comedian, and Chattanooga native died on Mon., Oct. 24.

Leslie Jordan's book, "How Y'all Doing?'

Chattanoogans are remembering and celebrating the life of Leslie Jordan, who died on Mon., Oct. 24.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

After news of his death, Chattanoogans are remembering Leslie Jordanbest known for his roles in “Will & Grace,” “Call me Kat,” and “American Horror Story” + his lively social media presence.

Leslie touched many lives in the Scenic City, from people at UTC, his alma mater, to those he met during his trips around town.

Raised in the Woodmore neighborhood + graduating from Brainerd High School, many locals grew up with Leslie. He often visited Chattanooga and was a wonderful representation of our city. During this year’s Riverbend Festival, Leslie was awarded the keys to the city.

Editor Brianna fondly remembers when he parked near her apartment and so graciously and kindly greeted her and her husband.

If you have any memories or words to share, feel free to email us + we will continue to add them to this story:

Went to his book signing in Chattanooga for my wife. They ran out of books but he made a video to her apologizing for the error....and signed a bookmark instead...a sweet gesture from a real mensch.” — Reader Phil

I met Leslie at the [Riverbend] this year. I NEVER approach celebrities, but was prompted by a friend to go talk with him - was told he was very down to earth and he wasn’t mistaken. I expected him to simply say hello and move on through the crowd, but instead he asked me if we could take a picture together. I held the camera phone and out to take out picture and he promptly said “Girl, what is wrong with you - are you a selfie virgin? Neither one of us will look flattering at that angle” He then showed me the proper way to pose for and take a selfie and then went on to continue talking about how if I should ever meet Dolly Parton, that it was important to know this stuff. He continued talking and making me laugh for another few minutes before the folks with him said he needed to be somewhere else. It was unexpected that he would initiate such an extensive engagement with me and he was hysterical and just so sweet and easy to talk to. I was looking forward to meeting him again at future Chattanooga events. It broke my heart to learn that we would never meet again.” — Reader Pat O-R

Leslie Jordan receiving the key to the city. He was very gracious and friendly, even stopped for a photo.” — Reader Nancy C.