Chattanooga Tourism Co. introduces #ConnectChatt

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March is turning out to be a pretty long year, huh? Trista here, and I hope y’all are staying safe and doing well. I’m so excited to spread some good news — the Chattanooga Tourism Co. (formerly the Chattanooga Visitors Bureau) created a way for us to stay connected digitally. Nooga, meet #ConnectChatt.

From Chattanooga Tourism Co. — “ConnectChatt is a collection of virtual experiences to unite neighbors in the community and connect people to Chattanooga.”

Let’s stay connected, Chattanooga. | Photo via Chattanooga Tourism Co.

It’s spring break for many and Chattanooga is a popular destination for families, so the idea is to make a virtual visit possible. 👉 “We would love for families across the world to still be able to experience the amazing things Chattanooga offers – just in a way that follows the social distancing practices recommended by the medical and health experts.Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Alright, here’s how it’s gonna work — whenever you’re doing something you’d like to share with the community + those wishing to visit, submit your virtual experience to Chattanooga Tourism Co. by sending an email with the website or social media link. Another good way for people + businesses to flag experiences that they’re putting on virtually is to use the #ConnectChatt hashtag on social media posts. Also, resources and webinars for industry professionals impacted by changes related to COVID-19 will be soon available online here.

Some experiences they’re looking for:

🎹 Live streaming music

🎨 Art + art tutorials (how to embroider, watercolor, collage, etc.)

⛰️ Scenic views or animals (from hikes to the pig preserve)

🚶Attraction or business tours

📍Google maps walking tour 

🖥️ Online programming + events

🥖 Food and drink recipe tutorials (Who wants a vegan empanada tutorial from me and my nephew, Ollie?)

🖼️ Gallery + collection tours

🖍️ Providing printable coloring sheets

Here are some virtual experiences already happening that you can enjoy:

⛹️ PE with Coach Wood

🏋️ Workout with Kyle House Fitness on Instagram + Facebook

🦈 Tennessee Aquarium live cams + activities and IMAX at home.

FYI — The first virtual experience of this campaign was a live performance from Stringer’s Ridge Band on St. Patrick’s Day — the virtual tip jar generated about as much as a normal gig, and they played to more than 10,000 people. That’s pretty rad. 😎

Have an idea not mentioned above? Let Chattanooga Tourism Co. in on your brilliance by sending them an email.