Chattanooga’s captivating commodes, No. 2


That accent wall, though | Photo via NOOGAtoday

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After our last look inside Chattanooga’s captivating commodes, we heard your pee pleas + knew we had to make a number 2. We’re not here to casually shoot the sh*t, so let’s get right on into those lovely loos.

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The Rosecomb

You can practically take a nap or enjoy a romantic dinner in this soothing restroom with dim candlelight, blue-tinted emerald walls, gold accents, and — perhaps most importantlya fully stocked toilet paper shelf. Two espresso martinis in, and we feel like royalty taking a break in this bathroom.


Photo by NOOGAtoday

The Barn Nursery

Stepping inside of this bathroom feels like stepping into a home recently refurbished by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The wooden barn-door stalls paired with the simple elegance of the bathrooms’ small chandeliers + touches of greenery screams “modern farmhouse.”


Photo by NOOGAtoday


Things that just make sense in the Songbirds bathroom: pink flamingos lining the walls, black marble sinks, unique bubble lights, an exposed brick wall, and plenty of stalls for a peaceful potty.


Photo by NOOGAtoday

Common House

While the social club has no shortage of beautiful bathrooms, our favorite is located next to the Pennybacker room downstairs. The large, cozy space is nice enough to take a meeting in — literally. As in, we have taken meetings in this bathroom. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, the big green chair is cozy, and the green brick background looks excellent on Zoom.


Photo by NOOGAtoday

Culture Coffee

We all know the effect that coffee has on humans — if you’ve said it doesn’t affect you, you’re lying. So it only makes sense for a cute coffee shop to have an equally cute space to do your business. The accent walls are what makes these blue + red bathrooms especially memorable, and there’s something about those solid black wooden doors that we love.


Photo by NOOGAtoday


Bathrooms with a beautifully tiled floor? Amazing. Paired with a black exposed brick wall and the sizzling hot pink remainder of the room, this spot is definitely a bold + fun one to take a squat in.


Photo by NOOGAtoday

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