Asked: What development projects do you want updates on in 2024?

2023 held a lot of major development news — let us know which projects are at the top of your list to be completed, and you might just see an update in a future newsletter.

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Let us construct some updates for you.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are Chattanooga’s many development projects. Last year, we shared quite a bit of announcements for new construction or redevelopment projects — now, we want to know which ones you want updates on.

We recently covered the major financial update on the South Broad stadium, but there are so many more developments to discuss.

Are you curious about where the Tivoli Theatre restorations stand after beginning in 2022 or wondering when City Cafe Diner’s Broad Street location will open?

Let us know so we can get the developing details for you.