Chattanooga’s first Parks & Outdoors Advisory Committee

The Chattanooga City Council has officially appointed the 15 members who will serve on the board of the city’s first-ever Parks & Outdoors Advisory Committee.

Aerial photo of Coolidge Park showing the bright blue roofs of the facilities and the fountains next to green grass.

The newest happenings with Chattanooga’s Parks and Outdoors Department.

Photo by @drewbeach_

The Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department is making moves towards its plan to connect the city through green spaces + community. Enter: The first-ever Parks & Outdoors Advisory Committee.

Unanimously approved by the City Council, 15 members were selected from over 180 applicants — nine of which were appointed by the council + six were appointed by Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly directly. Fun fact: One youth member (under the age of 21) resides on the committee.

What is the committee actually committing to? The advisory board will work to enhance resident engagement, inform the public on management (maintenance, planning, etc.), create programming + access to parks and resources, and expand collaborative opportunities.

Notably, this team will also be helping the city’s mission to become the first National Park City in the US.


  • District 1 | Robert Geier
  • District 2 | Anna Hall
  • District 3 | Terry Lee
  • District 4 | Paul Darr
  • District 5 | Dank Hawkins, Jr.
  • District 6 | Melissa Lozano Lykes
  • District 7 | Adam Kinsey
  • District 8 | Shelby Meek
  • District 9 | Angie Reed-Thomas
  • Mayoral appointment | Stephen Culp
  • Mayoral appointment | Linda Moss Mines
  • Mayoral appointment | Erika Roberts
  • Mayoral appointment | Dreama Campbell
  • Mayoral appointment | Meghan Ploch
  • Mayoral appointment (youth) | Lillie Barrie

Sometime this spring, the committee will be joined by former NYC Parks Commissioner Mitch Silver for orientation training. Silver will share guidance + examples from other citizen-led park oversight boards to get the group acquainted with their new roles.