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Diving into Chattanooga’s proposed budget for FY2025

Here what you need to know about Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly’s proposed budget for the 2025 fiscal year.

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Learn what could be in the budget for 2025.

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Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly has proposed a $186.3 million capital budget for the 2025 fiscal year — notably, without a tax increase for residents.

Folks can find all budget proposal outlines online. Let’s break down some of the key investments and ways you can get involved in the approval process.

Public safety

The budget includes the authorization of 32 additional police officers + firefighters and a continuation to build on its 24% pay raise efforts for first responders. Other investments include:

  • $4 million for a firefighting vehicle replacement plan
  • $2.5 million to begin the replacement of Station 14 in St. Elmo
  • $100,000 to enhance the city’s violence interrupter program
Walnut Street Bridge

$500,000 (which is over and above usual spending) has been proposed for pedestrian safety.

Photo by Tyler Johnston

Roads and infrastructure

With a $10 million emphasis on paving needs (double than last year’s budget), pedestrian safety, and other work will be focal points. Plans include:

  • $1.35 million to expand trash services and get new garbage trucks
  • Grants and private partnership funds for various pedestrian safety projects
  • $500,000 to maintain and protect 85 bridges + continued funding for repairing the Wilcox and Walnut Street Bridges

Affordable housing

The city will invest $1 million in its Affordable Housing Fund and enhance and create other avenues of resources like the Housing PILOT program, down payment assistance + fund more than $900,000 in programming that assists those experiencing homelessness.

Note: This includes the ongoing development of permanent supportive housing units at the former Airport Inn.

NOOGAtoday | Skate park renderings

Stay tuned for a full update on the new skate park.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

Parks and outdoors

Several park investments are outlined in the budget as the city continues its mission to become a National Park City. Notably, $2.15 million will go towards replacing the Chattanooga Skate Park.

Pro tip: Skip to page 17 in the proposal to see all the park investments.

Youth investment

Keeping the future of Chattanooga in mind, the budget outlines:

  • $402,000 to maintain Chattanooga Head Start programming
  • $2.6 million to renovate the James A. Henry Elementary School
  • $750,000 for community center management + $250,000 to renovate the Hixson Community Center

Economic development

Notably, $2 million will be set aside for the Kelly building renovation, opening a minority resource hub for entrepreneurs and investing a combined $9.8 million in transit needs.

Public involvement

The City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee will host educational sessions every Tuesday from May 7 through May 21, 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Note: There will also be a session, if necessary, on Tuesday, June 4 + a public hearing at 6 p.m.

    The City Council will discuss and vote on the budget on Tuesday, June 11 + Tuesday, June 18. Pro tip: You can watch all of these proceedings via YouTube.