City of Chattanooga launches Bridging Communities coalition

Learn more about the city-wide coalition working to serve Chattanooga’s immigrant and refugee communities.

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“Bridging Communities provides a dedicated time and space where non-profits and city governments unite, working collaboratively to empower and support our diverse communities, “ said Meghan Creecy of NNH.

Photo provided by Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Chattanooga’s Department of Equity and Community Engagement (ECE), Northside Neighborhood House (NNH), and community partners have collaborated to launch Bridging Communities — the city’s first-ever coalition dedicated to serving the area’s immigrant and refugee population.

The coalition is made up of ~50 nonprofit organizations + providers that will convene during a bi-monthly workshop to explore best practices for serving new citizens to Chattanooga. Think: providing translation services, expanding ESL classes, providing training opportunities, and more.

Bridging Communities recently held its first meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 15, and will reconvene on Wednesday, Jan. 17. Folks can keep up with the coalition through ECE + NNH’s Facebook pages.

“I’m excited about this new effort to better connect these new folks to available resources and support systems that can set them up for success as they acclimate to becoming full-fledged Chattanoogans,” said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly.