Community needs identified in La Paz’s survey

La Paz recently ran survey to better understand and identify the needs of the community — let’s dive into the results.

The team of La Paz Chattanooga sitting on a couch in front of a colorful mural in their office.

Let’s get into the data.

Photo provided by La Paz Chattanooga

Local nonprofit La Paz Chattanooga recently held a Community Needs Assessment survey to discover key gaps within the Latino neighborhoods in the city. Now, we’re talking about the results from over 300 responses.

Quick demographics

  • 67% female
  • 78% between 18-45 years of age
  • 89% born in a Latin American country to one or more Latino parents
  • ~67% reported weekly income as $600 or less
  • 76% indicated Spanish as primary language, while 26% stated fluency in English

Major findings

  • Childcare | 40% of respondents said they didn’t have childcare due to cost.
  • Health insurance | 61% reported not having insurance due to cost, lack of understanding, etc.
  • Overall health | 30% cited not seeking needed healthcare services due to cost, language barriers, fear, lack of understanding, etc.
  • Education | 93% think that higher education is an option for their children, with 80% being a part of the public school system.
  • Residency | More than 50% have lived in the city for six years or longer, and 40% have lived here for 11+ years.

What happens next? La Paz will continue to have one-on-one conversations with policymakers + funders to facilitate action. The nonprofit also encourages community members to show support through outreach and local initiatives. Check out resources and sign up for La Paz’s newsletter.