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Hamilton County proposes a first-ever County Roads Improvement Fund

Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp has proposed the largest investment in county road improvements in county history + we’re paving out the details.

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Road work ahead? Uh, we sure hope it does.

Photo by Kevin Ruck via Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp has proposed building the area’s first-ever County Roads Improvement Fund. Before it goes to vote, let’s pave out the key details.

The proposal outlines allocating $5.8 million of the county’s General Fund into these investments with a projection of it being leveraged to $8 million in grant matches. This marks the largest investment in road infrastructure in Hamilton County history.

11 priority projects have been identified for these areas:

  • Hunter Road at Lebron Sterchi Drive (near Wallace A. Smith Elementary + Hunter Middle Schools) | Safety improvements + congestion relief
  • Hunter Road (near Crooked Creek Drive) | Safety improvements
  • Hunter Road (at Bell Mill Road) | Realignment + safety and access improvements
  • Hunter Road (from Highway 58 to Lee Highway) | Safety improvements
  • Snow Hill Road (at Short Tail Springs) | Safety improvements
  • Hilltop Drive (between Hunter Road and Volkswagen Drive) | Congestion relief + improve connectivity between Exit 11 and Volkswagen Drive
  • Standifer Gap Road (from Banks to Camp Roads) | Safety improvements
  • Daisy Dallas Road (from Harrison Lane to Hixson Pike) | Safety improvements
  • Middle Valley Road (from Hixson Pike to Daisy Dallas Road) | Safety improvements
  • Middle Valley Road (at Daisy Dallas Road) | Safety improvements
  • Middle Valley Road (at Walnut Road) | Realignment + safety improvements

“I have persistently advocated for upgrades as the roads out here have experienced unprecedented usage, and this fund is a great first step in addressing infrastructure in the unincorporated county,” said Commissioner Steve Highlander.
County commissioners will vote on the allocation of funds on Wednesday, May 15.