How to report potholes in Chattanooga

Don’t just avoid the potholes you see — do your part to help the city get them fixed.

NOOGAtoday | Paving update

South Holtzclaw Avenue is in the process of being repaved and reconfigured.

Did you know that in 2023 the City of Chattanooga filled 18,000 potholes, cracks, and divots + resurfaced 70 miles of lanes? Hole-y moley, that’s a lot to be proud of, but there’s more work to be done.

Chattanooga is working to complete more road improvements in 2024 — for example, you may have seen the recent announcement of the repaving + reconfiguration of South Holtzclaw Avenue. It doesn’t stop there, residents can also have a hand in helping the city repair our roads.

NOOGAtoday | Map of Chattanooga with points that depict requests submitted by residents.

The points on the map represent other requests submitted by residents.

Screenshot via CHATT311

How to report potholes in the city

Meet Chattanooga’s 311 Service Center. This is where folks can report city-related issues + make requests (online, by phone, email, or within the 311 app).

  • Step 1 | Click “Submit a request”
  • Step 2 | Scroll down the list to select “Roadways and Sidewalks”
  • Step 3 | Select “Potholes”

Once you arrive at this step, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions — the address (you can also drag a pin to the pothole’s location on the provided map), your phone number, if the pothole damaged your vehicle, etc. You can also include a photo with your report.
Submit your report and voilà — you’ve helped the city know of an issue that needs to be addressed. Note: Within the map, you’ll also be able to see reports from other residents that have been submitted, received, are in process, and completed.

How to report potholes in the county

County road repairs are filtered through the Highway Department. Folks can call the department at (423) 209-5050 or submit a report online.

You’ll select the Highway Department from the list of who you would like to contact + then include your name, email address, and the issue you’d like to report in the comments section. Once you submit the form, communications will resume via email.