Little Coyote restaurant to open this summer

The new St. Elmo restaurant is slated to open in August of 2023.

NOOGAtoday | Little Coyote rendering 1

The design of the restaurant will compliment the items on the menu.

Rendering by Tinker Ma via Charlotte Beck PR

Last year, we shared news about Chef Erik + Amanda Niel (of Easy Bistro and Main Street Meats) opening their third restaurant concept Little Coyote.

The restaurant is currently slated to open this August in St. Elmo at 3950 Tennessee Ave. — the former location of Mojo Burrito.

The space will include an open and airy indoor space + a large outdoor seating area. With decor that will complement the items on the menu, folks can expect to see lots of terracotta, cacti, and plants.

NOOGAtoday | Little Coyote rendering 2

The restaurant will have indoor seating and a large outdoor seating area.

Rendering by Tinker Ma via Charlotte Beck PR

Chef Erik took inspiration + influences from Texas barbecue, Cuban, Caribbean, and Southwestern cuisines when creating the menu. You can expect to enjoy smoked meats, fresh tortillas, homemade picos + accompaniments — all served family-style.

The spot’s bar offerings will include a focus on agave spirits with 100+ varieties of tequilas, sotols, raicillas, and mezcals to choose from. Plus, craft cocktails, draft beers, and more.

Excited? So are we. Make sure to follow Little Coyote’s Instagram for updates closer to opening.