Now open after seven years: Walden’s Ridge Park

After seven years of collaboration and planning, a brand new park is now open to the public, serving Hamilton County as a vast outdoors sanctuary for all interests.

NOOGAtoday | Walden's Ridge Park is now open to the public.

Get an inside look at this new park, its history, and the vision driving it.

It’s been a long time coming, but the ridge was worth the wait Walden’s Ridge Park, that is. Hamilton County’s latest outdoor scene (located on the side of Signal Mountain) has officially opened + folks can now enjoy all 200 acres of this park.

The beginning ideas of this park trails back to 2016 when a partnership and vision sparked between North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy and The Land Trust for Tennessee. That vision started to come to fruition in 2018, when Hamilton County Commissioners agreed they would manage + conserve the park once it was complete.

After years of fundraising, collaborations with local organizations, and time to build out the park plan, here is what you can expect during your next outdoor adventure.

NOOGAtoday | Mountain biking Walden's Ridge

Be mindful of your safety as there are downhill trails without guard rails, no reflectors, and in wooded + rocky areas.

Mountain biking
Home to the first purpose-built, progressive, downhill trails in the greater Chattanooga area, bikers can experience varying levels of terrain + technicality over a 10-mile course. Get familiar with this type of trail design.

With the help of Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition and its crew, there will be easy access to boulders from flat trails (located within a mile of the parking areas) that vary in levels of difficulty.

Hiking + trail running
Navigate the different trail systems surrounded by native plants and animals, walk alongside a natural spring and creeks + see views of the city and the Tennessee River Valley.

NOOGAtoday | Walden's Ridge park map

Hit the trails with this park map.

Now that the park is open to the public, it has transitioned to “Phase 3" of its construction plan — a continuation of fundraising to build future trails and maintain the grounds.

Note: To access parking points, there is a lower lot located at 1009 Reads Lake Rd. (just off of Mountain Creek) and an upper lot located on the W Road (before the switchbacks) + the park is officially closed after dusk.

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“This mountainside park sets a new standard for outdoor recreation in our county that will be a point of pride for our citizens and is sure to become a national destination for countless athletes and tourists each year.” — Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp.