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Formalizing a resident-led support group for Trostyanets

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly recently formalized the cooperative agreement with war-torn Ukrainian city Trostyanets — here’s what you need to know.

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Chattanooga residents will work in a cooperative group to identify the needs of Trostyanet.

Photo provided by the City of Chattanooga

A few months ago, Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly created a resolution for a resident-led support group to help the Ukrainian city Trostyanets. Recently, the cooperative agreement was formalized.

The agreement will allow Chattanooga’s working group to get a better assessment of what the war-torn city needs to help build back its community. 50 residents have since joined + organized the volunteer committee.

Bradd Cobb of Bowers Automotive Group, who has volunteered for Ukrainian relief efforts several times since the war began + Daniel Wiens of iFixit will serve as co-chairs. The group will soon meet with its Ukrainian counterparts to collaborate on ideas.

Residents interested in joining the committee can apply online.

Note: No city funds have been allocated as part of this agreement, but the city believes the collaboration will “enrich and benefit both communities.”

“I can say that today we are not merely signing the agreement — we are working to make our city of Trostyanets better.” — Mayor of Trostyanets Yurii Bova