Co.Lab announces new programmatic focus on sustainable mobility sector

What does that mean? Let’s break it down.

a view of the street with cars lined up and buildings in the background.

Imagine: a future wherein self-driving cars pick you up for work.

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ICYMI, Chattanooga is an innovation hub.

Think about it: we’re known as the “Silicon Valley of freight,” EPB is launching America’s first industry-led commercially available quantum network, we have an urban test bed for autonomous vehicles via UTC’s CUIP, and Chattanooga serves as Volkswagen’s North American base for manufacturing electric vehicles.


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But what does all of this have to do with The Company Lab, a local startup accelerator?

The organization recently announced a new programmatic focus on the sustainable mobility sector, and Chattanooga’s status as an innovation hub is a major reason why.

What is sustainable mobility?

Sustainable mobility encompasses the future-forward movement of people, goods, energy, and data.” — Co.Lab Marketing Specialist Ashlyn Gentile

What’s Co.Lab doing?

  • Recruiting companies focused on innovation in quantum tech, freight and logistics, urban planning, EVs, etc.
  • Those companies will participate in a 10-week program to test and pilot ideas relating to their respective industry
  • The companies will work alongside Chattanooga’s existing research and innovative organizations
  • Co.Lab will make investments in these companies and ideas, in addition to providing coursework + curriculum

Bonus: The org will also work with ChattState, UTC + the Future Ready Institute to train a workforce that is able to work with innovative, emerging companies.

What’s the goal?

  • Help these businesses scale their ventures
  • Attract these innovative companies to Chattanooga — and hopefully, convince them to stay beyond that 10-week period
  • In terms of tangible results, Co.Lab CEO Tasia Malakasis invites folks to think about a future with possibilities like self-driving cars taking citizens to and from work, or energy that can power both a car and a home


  • Currently | The Co.Lab is in the planning, recruiting, and awareness stage
  • May | A community-wide startup event featuring Steve Case will take place
  • Fall | The first cohort will begin the 10-week program

Stay updated + reach out.

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