10 new murals come to 10th Street

Check out the 10 local artists and their work that was part of EPB’s 2023 10th Street Murals project.

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Each mural characterizes family traditions + the history and culture of the East MLK Boulevard neighborhood.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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EPB has dedicated a third side of the 10th Street Substation, between Foster Street + East MLK Boulevard, to its four-year murals project.

10 local artists created work based on the “Traditions on MLK,” honoring the history, heritage + significance of the downtown neighborhood.

Meet the artists

  • Jonathan Bidwell | “Write Traditions”
  • Lexi D’Ambrosio | “The Foundation of a King-dom”
  • Laura Swift Dahlke | “Faith”
  • Mason Elmore | “The Nine Through Time”
  • Karen Estes | “Love and Resilience”
  • Jerome Foster | “Time to Shine on the Big Nine”
  • Jody Harris | “Seismic Traditions”
  • Ann Jackson | “Children are the Future”
  • Caitlin Maupin | “Only Light Can Do That”
  • Olivia Reckert | “Garden on Light”

Submissions for public murals for the fourth + final side of the substation will open in late 2023.
“More than a dozen local organizations shared their time and expertise to ensure work authentically represents the MLK neighborhood.” — EPB President + CEO David Wade

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