2023 Riverbend Festival recap

Check out our favorite memories from the 40th Riverbend Festival.


Shout out to Nashville natives COIN for putting on a great show.

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Well, folks, another Riverbend season has come and gone. While we anxiously await news about next year’s festival, we thought we would reminisce on our favorite parts from the 40th annual Riverbend Festival.

Favorite food

Editor Kristen | Surprise, surprise. Island Noodles was my favorite food vendor again this year. The wok-fired soba noodles are so tasty, I ended up getting them multiple times over the course of the festival.

Editor Haley | Editor Kristen talked up a big game and let me tell you, she didn’t disappoint, Island Noodles was my absolute favorite food + truly revived me each day. If they ever opened up a storefront in Chattanooga, I would be their number one customer.

Favorite set

Editor Haley | I have to give two, one for each of my personalities. Gayle absolutely lit up the stage with her punk rock energy + it was infectious. For my sad girl hours side, Indigo De Souza not only was stunning, but her vocal range was chef’s kiss.

Editor Kristen | COIN’s performance was one like no other. They brought the best energy to the festival which had the whole crowd (myself included) dancing and singing along.

Favorite moment

Editor Kristen | One of my favorite moments was grabbing one of Hutton & Smith’s Riverbend Blonde beers with Editor Haley, sitting in the shade, and listening to Big Boi play some of Outkast’s greatest hits.

Editor Haley | Editor Kristen and I had a blast all weekend long, but I loved stopping by the Hits 96 tent and showing some love to our favorite, Gino — we left with some pretty nice shades, too.

Pro tips for next year

Editor Haley | Grab a blanket to make yourself cozy at any spot you can find in the shade in between the acts so you can rally all day long — I think I’ll be picking grass out of my shorts for a few days.

Editor Kristen | Bring a hat + extra sunscreen to reapply throughout the day. The 90+ degree weather over the weekend was no joke, next year I’ll definitely prep for the sun better.

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