Answered: Which closed Chattanooga businesses our readers miss most

From family-owned restaurants to venues, here are the Chattanooga businesses our readers miss the most.

NOOGAtoday | Mojo Burrito

What we’d give to have one more burrito from this local spot.

Last week, we were feeling sentimental and asked our readers which closed Chattanooga businesses they missed the most. With 660+ responses, get ready to take a trip back in time to visit some of your favorite now-closed Chattanooga spots.

Mojo Burrito

With over 100 responses, it’s no secret that Chattanoogans miss this local Tex-Mex spot.

“I still get cravings for the food and find myself wanting to take the Dayton Boulevard exit to pick it up on the way home.” — Ceci M.

The Farmer’s Daughter

You all agreed with Editor Kristen on this beloved NorthShore spot remembered for its brunch and coffee offerings.

“I miss The Farmer’s Daughter SO much. Their Tokyo breakfast was unmatched.” — @wanderlustandwolf

The Palace Theater

This theater closed its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic + was known for its film showings and comedy nights.

“We were going to get married at the Palace Theater. Their comedy shows were some of our favorite dates.” — @kacylaine

NOOGAtoday | donut

We’re not the only ones missing the donuts from Koch’s Bakery.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

Koch’s Bakery

This historic Southside bakery closed its doors nearly a year ago and has folks still missing their baked goods.

“My daddy used to take me there for those lacy almond cookies.” — @mary_annacoleman

“Koch’s Bakery and them apple fritters were my childhood favorite.” — @ramartisan

212 Restaurant

“The original farm-to-table spot. The food was consistently delicious, the service was on point, and the owners were way ahead of the curve on supporting local farms and giving back to the community.” — Tricia M.

Mudpie Restaurant

This was a new discovery for us, but we received tons of responses missing this NorthShore restaurant.

“Mudpie in Northshore for the half price wine nights every Thursday with my college buddies.” — Robin M.

“Great atmosphere and their corn pizza.” — @dishydecorator

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