Asked: Nominate an interesting Chattanoogan

For an upcoming series of features, we’re asking our readers to nominate an interesting Chattanoogan they think we should know about.

NOOGAtoday | Chattanooga's Miller Park filled with people and vendors. Surrounded by trees and buildings.

Tell us about a local Chattanoogan you find interesting.

Photo provided by Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Howdy, readers. Editor Kristen here. Something I love most about working at NOOGAtoday is meeting and talking with folks who are doing amazing things in Chattanooga — and getting to share their stories with you all.

Sometimes these people are our neighbors, business owners, or even those sitting next to you while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at Niedlov’s, and you wouldn’t know the interesting things they are doing unless you asked.

This leads me to today’s ask, who’s an interesting Chattanoogan you know of that we should interview? Think of local changemakers, folks with inspiring stories, or someone you think is pretty darn cool.

Nominate them using this form and stay tuned for an upcoming series sharing about some of the folks we’ve learned about.

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