Explore Argentine culture with the Creative Discovery Museum

“Argentina’s Niños” recently opened at the Creative Discovery Museum aiming to connect children and families in Chattanooga with Argentine culture.

NOOGAtoday | Argentina's Ninos

Kiddos can climb along the Andes Mountains in this exhibit.

Photo by The Magic House via Creative Discovery Museum

A new cultural exhibit has opened at the Creative Discovery Museum for kiddos and their families to enjoy.

“Argentina’s Niños,” an exhibit created by The Magic House (the children’s museum in St. Louis, MO), features five immersive environments that aim to introduce children to Argentine culture.

The five sections include:

  • Home | Learn about familial traditions + how to prepare Argentine foods like empanadas
  • School | Learn about Casa Rosada (the office of Argentina’s president, similar to the White House)
  • Kiosco/Courtyard | Try on a jersey + practice your penalty shot like the country’s star futbol player, Lionel Messi
  • Markets | Learn how to purchase ingredients to make an Argentine family meal
  • La Boca | Learn about this neighborhood + contribute to a vibrant street painting

Want to see the exhibit for yourself? Head to CDM during its operational hours.

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