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Add these Chattanooga podcasts to your playlist

Whether you start or end your day with a podcast, we’ve got some locally-produced shows to add to your queue.

Two people recording a podcast with a microphone and sound board.

What are you listening to this morning?

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The recording light is officially turned on — grab your headphones, because we’re playing you 15 locally produced and Chattanooga-centered podcasts.

Community + civic

Love Local Chattanooga, most platforms | Monthly
This podcast is part of a grassroots collective of all things local business and happenings, spearheaded by Dr. Chris Collins of Specific Chattanooga + Briana Garza of Chatt Taste. Bonus: Be one of the first readers of the newsletter when it launches.

Scenic Roots, WUTC 88.1 | Mondays-Thursdays, 3-3:30 p.m.
Host Ray Bassett of our local NPR station talks all things Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley, bringing on guests to discuss what’s going on in our community. Bonus: You can hear from Editors Haley + Kristen every Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Chattanooga Civics, most platforms | Monthly
Chattanoogan Nathan Bird dissects the latest happenings involving local government and how to be more civiclly involved. Bonus: Sign up for the newsletter.

Amigos Unidos Chattanooga, Spotify, Apple + YouTube | Monthly
In a Spanish-language community podcast, you’ll hear about initiatives and essential resources + learn about the culture within the city.

NOOGA | Local Love Podcast team

Hear about the community from the community.

Photo provided by Love Local Chattanooga

Scout on Chattanooga, Soundcloud + Spotify | Monthly
The Cherokee Area Council Boy Scouts of America dive into what scouting in Tennessee is like with alumni, outdoor experts, youth leaders, and more.

Good Neighbor Podcast for Cleveland and the Greater Chattanooga Area, all platforms | Monthly
Scott Howell hosts this local version of the Good Neighbor Podcast, connecting business friends to other residents — each episode features a business in the area.

Let’s Talk Chattanooga Real Estate, all platforms | Weekly
Learn the ins and outs of real estate — from surveying homes to market values — on a local scale with agent Blake Watson.

The QuadPod, Soundcloud | Monthly
The folks over at Baylor School break down the happenings within and outside of the halls — think: Interviews with faculty, discussions on the culture, etc.

Lifestyle + wellness

The Humanist, Spotify, Apple + Google Podcasts | Mondays and Fridays
Get reconnected with yourself as Dr. Chad Prevost discusses the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and personal development each week.

The Stress-Less Podcast, Apple | Monthly
Dr. Chris Collins of The Specific Chattanooga brings a “quick, quirky, and quiet conversation to bring you back to acceptance of yourself.”

Open Book, WUTC 88.1 | Second Saturday, 6 p.m. + third Saturday, 7 p.m.
Hear local and international writers discuss their work, process, and inspirations with Richard Winham.

Chatt It Up Sports podcast being taped with 4 guys at a table with microphones and sports merch on the table.

Get the lowdown on the latest in the sports and fitness world

Photo by Chatt It Up Sports

Sports + fitness

Chatt It Up Sports, all platforms | Mondays + live shows on Thursdays
Brought to you by former hosts at ESPN Chattanooga, this audio and video podcast features local and regional sports, interviews with coaches + CEOs, and much more.

Chattanooga Fitness Download, all platforms | Mondays
Listeners will be immersed in the realm of bodybuilding, health, fitness + other modern topics on this weekly podcast that welcomes guests from the Tennessee Valley.

RedWolfCast, Spotify | Wednesdays + Saturdays
Get the latest on the Chattanooga Red Wolves, like a breakdown of the games, insights on the players, and an outlook of the season.

Section 109, Spotify + Apple | Weekly
This Chattanooga FC-centric podcast touches on all things lower-league American soccer with game recaps and interviews.

Bonus: See more podcasts produced in Chattanooga.

Loving this guide and looking for more? Let us know if we missed your fav podcast + stay tuned for a part two.

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